God Sees the Truth, but Waits

God Sees the Truth, but Waits

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3.00 TL

Kitap Kodu: EN00005

Yazar: L.Tolstoy

Seslendiren: Rosalie Kerr

Müzik: SmartSound

Efekt & Miks: Yetkin Yağmur

Süre: 28 minutes

Yapım Tarihi: August 2012

Format: İndirilebilir MP3


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(...) Aksionov laughed. "That's a lucky sign," said he. "See if I don't sell out all my goods, and bring you some presents from the fair."

So he said good-bye to his family, and drove away.

When he had travelled half-way, he met a merchant whom he knew, and they put up at the same inn for the night. They had some tea together, and then went to bed in adjoining rooms.

It was not Aksionov's habit to sleep late, and, wishing to travel while it was still cool, he aroused his driver before dawn, and told him to put in the horses.

Then he made his way across to the landlord of the inn (who lived in a cottage at the back), paid his bill, and continued his journey.

When he had gone about twenty-five miles, he stopped for the horses to be fed. Aksionov rested awhile in the passage of the inn, then he stepped out into the porch, and, ordering a samovar to be heated, got out his guitar and began to play....